Decorated cakes

Are you celebrating a birthday, about to marry or holding any other celebration? We are ready to fulfill all your wishes and make you a decorated cake tailored to your requirements. Our photo gallery can serve as your inspiration. Decorated cakes of all kinds, not only Medovník Original cakes, can be purchased at the patisserie in Kamenice, or in our factory shop in Prague 4. For further information and orders please use the contacts below.

Examples of sizes and options for making decorated cakes



The prices of individual cakes depend on the complexity and scale of the decoration. For more information about the price, consult our staff using the contact information below.

Cake with photograph

Want to surprise your loved ones with something original? Combining traditional Medovník with your chosen photograph creates an imaginative gift with which every sweet-lover will be delighted. A Medovník cake with a rectangular or round shape can be decorated with a photograph of your choice, to prepare a birthday surprise or simply to please and share a laugh with your loved ones. The recipient can enjoy the taste of the picture itself, because your image will be imprinted on high-quality edible paper. It is possible to decorate your photo with a frame or add text. Medovník will become more than a superb delicacy; it will also be a personal gift.


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