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For its quality and distinctive taste Medovník Original has become a permanent feature on the menu of selected patisseries, cafes, hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments. In 2010 the company started to cooperate with supermarket chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Among our largest buyers are Tesco, Kaufland, Makro, Billa, Globus, Lidl and Penny, where Medovník Original has gained loyaland satisfied customers. We export mainly to the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Due to the increasing demand for our honey cake we have expanded our production capacity, so that now we can realise new business opportunities.

Vizard, s.r.o.

Vizard, s.r.o. is a Czech company based in Prague, which in 2016 celebrates 20 years of its existence. Originally a family business, it has grown until today it employs more than 77 professional bakers and confectioners and produces around 60,000 honey cakes per month.

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