Medovník Original

It was the first cake of its kind to be launched on the Czech market as early as 1997, when it also gained its registered trade mark. It is completely different from other cakes, and not only in its appearance. From the outset Medovník Original won over even the most demanding gourmets with its subtle, balanced and captivating taste. It is 100% handmade according to a traditional old Slavic recipe, from five separate layers of honey sponge interspersed with two types of cream. It comes in five different sizes: as individual portions of 116 g; 380 g quarters; an 850 g small cake; a 1600 g deep-frozen cake; and the 1600 g classic version. To maintain its composition it must be kept at a controlled temperature between 1 and 6 ° C, and its shelf-life is 23 days for whole cakes and 21 days for pieces. The shelf-life for the deep-frozen version is 1 year; after defrosting it must be consumed within 7 days. Since June 2016 Medovník Original has been made with margarine without palm oil, with the addition of real butter from the Krhanice Farm.

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